Introduction and Goals 


 Food safety and quality system is one of the main pillars of municipal work which aimed protecting consumer health and safety and public health. The system is currently facing a number of changes and challenges at the local, regional and international levels such as the emergence of modern technologies in the fields of food industry and preservation, commercial fraud, changing consumption patterns and increasing cases of food-borne and water-borne diseases as well as their impacts on the fields of tourism, trade, business, education, health, etc.
Indeed, such challenges need to be addressed through developing of human resources working in the control authorities and providing them with the latest technologies and equipment to control hazards level in foods. Various media and modern social media play an important role in raising the awareness in society about the significance of food safety and quality and preservation of municipal achievements.
The conference will be arranged in the second week of April 2018 within the GCC in conjunction with the Food Safety Week in the Sultanate and the Gulf Food Safety Day. The conference covers two major themes; food safety and Municipal work and aims to address the latest developments, share scientific and practical experiences and experiments with the participation of experts and specialists from different countries and GCC countries.

Conference Themes:

Safety and Quality of Foods in GCC Markets and their health implications:
  • Safety and quality of processed baby foods: milk substitutes, formulas, supplements, candies, etc.
  • Safety of locally produced and imported foods; establishing shelf life (expiry date) of food products.
  • Fast foods:   impact of preparation methods on the safety and quality of fast foods, consumption patterns and effects on public health (risk of non-communicable diseases), role of fast foods in creating an obesogenic environment.
  • Media, Awareness, Strategies, Food Security, Consumer Behavior and Food Safety:
  • Media coverage in consumer awareness.
  • Food safety and food security.
  • Food safety and nutritional security/health security.
  • Food safety strategies in the developed countries.
  • Commercial fraud in food: methods and impacts on food safety.
  • Food Safety Policies Implementation Significance: 
  • Hygiene and food safety awareness in health professional (medical staff).
  • Tourism and food safety.
  • Business and food safety.
  • Education and food safety.
  • Emerging Risk and Novel Technologies in Food Safety: 
  • Emerging risk factors for food safety.
  • Inherent risk of eating raw and minimally processed foods.
  • Effective policies for existing and emerging risks.
  • Antibiotic resistant bacteria and food safety.
  • Emerging screening technologies for microbial detection.
  • Food bio-preservation and food safety.
  • Packaging: processing means, methods of manufacture, their impact on the quality and safety of food.


  • Food safety specialists in the public and private sectors.
  • Researchers and academics in food safety.
  • University and college students.
  • Public health officials and health educators.
Arabic and English languages (Interpretation is available).
Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in cooperation with the concerned authorities in the Sultanate.

Important dates:

  • Abstract Submission deadline: 14 September
  • Notification of Acceptance: 2 October 2017.
To submit abstracts, please log at: 
For more information or enquiries, please contact us on:
Dr.Ismail Al-Bulushi
Chair of Scientific Committee:
Note: The organizer will provide travel tickets (economy class) and accommodation for the accepted papers.


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